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modernclassic's Journal

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9 July
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1930's, 1940's, 1950's, acting, aim, america, american bandstand, american history, american idol, arnold's, audrey hepburn, back to the future, baseball, being comedic, being funny, being happy, being in love, being myself, being on stage, bewitched, bing crosby, black and white, bob hope, brian, bubble baths, cancer awareness, carol burnett, carole lombard, cary grant, cary grant movies, christmas, christmas spirit, chubby checker, chuck berry, clark gable, classic hollywood, daisies, dean martin, depression era, desi arnaz, desi arnaz jr, diners, drive-thru theaters, elvis presley, english, family, father knows best, fonzie, frank sinatra, frankie lymon, franklin roosevelt, fred astaire, french, friends, george mcfly, getting laughs, gilligan's island, ginger rogers, gone with the wind, happiness, happy days, here's lucy, history, holding hands, hollywood, hugs, i love lucy, jack benny, jackie gleason, jamestown, jerry lewis, jim carrey, jimmy stewart, john ritter, john wayne, johnny rocket's, julie andrews, katharine hepburn, keith thibodeaux, kisses, kissing, laughing, learning, leave it to beaver, life with lucy, lilacs, louis armstrong, love, lucie arnaz, lucille ball, lucille ball movies, making others smile, making people laugh, marilyn monroe, marty mcfly, michael j. fox, mickey mouse, museums, musicals, my bedroom, my darling, my lucy collection, nancy drew, nostalgia, old hollywood, old mickey mouse cartoons, old movies, oldies, organization, photographs, plays, pleasantville, queen elizabeth ii, reading, retro, roller skating, rosie the riveter, school, shopping, skirts, smiling, stevie wonder, swing dancing, the beatles, the brady bunch, the chordettes, the drifters, the foundations, the honeymooners, the lucy show, the lucy-desi comedy hour, the rat pack, the supremes, the temptations, the wizard of oz, theater, thespian society, tv land, universal studios orlando, valentine's day, vintage, vivian vance, volleyball, walt disney, warm baths, william frawley, william holden, world war ii, writing, yearbooks